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    Our Personal Injury & Business Dispute Attorneys are Harvard Graduates with 25+ Years of Experience.

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    Tummel & Casso provides legal advice and representation to private parties involved in personal injury, commercial disputes, contract disputes, civil disputes, trials and appeals. The firm does not charge for initial consultations. The firm offers various payment options, which include fixed-fee payment, hourly fee payment, and contingent-fee payment. Some payment options are not available in certain kinds of cases.

    The firm’s personal injury & business lawyers have persisted in their pursuit of justice for clients in cases that have lasted more than a decade, although the firm’s objectives always include obtaining prompt resolutions of cases on terms favorable to the firm’s clients. The firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for its clients, including compensation obtained for their clients from such organizations as AIG, Allstate, BASF, Baxter Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squib, Cheminova, Dow Chemical, Farmers Insurance, GEICO, Gharda Chemical, HEB Grocery, Hunt Oil, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, Progressive Insurance, Southland Co., State Farm, Travelers, Tyco, and Walmart.

    Many of the Cases we have handled have been cited in hundreds of published appellate court opinions. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases involving various liability issues and damages issues, including automobile accidents, advertising contracts, annuities, assaults, battery, bonds, brain injuries, breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duties, brokerage contracts, chemical products defects, contract amendments, conversion, corporations, debentures, deceptive trade practices, deeds, deeds of trust, defamation, disfigurement, drug products defects, easements, fetal deaths, financing statements, fraud in insurance transactions, fraud in loan transactions, fraud in real estate transactions, fraud in sales of goods, fraud in sales of services, fraud in securities transactions, fraudulent transfers, guaranty agreements, gross negligence, hospital negligence, insurance coverage denials, insurance policies, lease contracts, land encroachments, libel, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, loan contracts, life care plans, loss of companionship and society, loss of consortium, loss of earning capacity, lost profits, malice, medical device defects, mental anguish, mineral rights, money had and received, negligence, nursing negligence, options contracts, oral contracts, paralysis, paraplegia, physical impairment, physician negligence, powers of attorney, premises defects, promissory notes, quadriplegia, sales contracts, service contracts, slander, slander of title, stocks, traumatic brain injuries, trusts, truck accidents, usury, utility charges, utility rates, will contests, and wrongful deaths. Past results are not a guarantee of future success, and each case must be evaluated on its own merits.

    Practice Areas

    • Birth Injuries

    • Personal Injuries

    • Wrongful Death

    • Commercial Disputes

    • Real Estate Disputes

    • Loan Disputes

    • Insurance Disputes

    • Contract Disputes

    • Wills, Trusts and Probate Cases

    • Regulatory Disputes

    • Fraud Cases

    • Collection Cases

    • Utility Disputes

    • Professional Malpractice

    • Product Defect Cases

    • Intellectual Property Disputes

    More About Us

    Attorney Experience

    Each of the firm’s attorneys has more than 20 years of full-time relevant legal practice experience, is a graduate of Harvard University, has never been held to have engaged in unprofessional conduct, has never been sanctioned by a court, has never been denied bar membership or privileges, has always been in good standing with the state bar organizations to which admitted, and maintains professional liability insurance coverage.


    Hiring an attorney can be very costly. Our firm is committed to trying to help clients, without their having to go broke. In some cases, the firm can provide legal services for a contingent fee, with clients only paying the firm from recoveries obtained for the client by the firm.


    A client is generally best served if the law firm that represents the client has a team approach to the representation. With a team approach, a client is not treated less favorably than other clients, because of which attorney is “the client’s attorney.” At Tummel & Casso, no case is assigned to one attorney, because the whole firm works for each client.

    What to Expect

    Civil disputes and litigation are “civilized” forms of combat. Tummel & Casso exists to fight for its clients, within the bounds of the law. The firm’s clients often express surprise, when they gain insight into how much and how hard the firm fights for its clients. As a former client said about Tummel & Casso in responding to a recent survey, “I believe they spared no effort and they spared no expense, in getting a very good outcome in my case.”


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